No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Well summer vacation for my daughter has started and that means mommy can get a little more sleep in the mornings. It also means weekends will be filled with working all summer without much child care, though I got my focus on and completed three small commissions and it will be sent out right on time as planned today.

On other news is who can sleep when I'll be in NYC this weekend! I'm so excited to be part of this pop up that my friend Toofly has created. If you will be in Brooklyn over this weekend please come say hi! Great talent selling amazing things, hand made from the heart. There will be a sangria bar, rooftop BBQ, henna painting. I miss home a lot all the time. Mostly it's also everyone that I have crossed paths while growing up there. The history that is still there, aging beautiful brownstones to skyscrapers high in the sky. We are one. Peace and love. 


1094 Broadway Bklyn NY 11221 | 12-6pm | Saturday  

One of three birdies from commission, called the yellow mangrove from Galapagos Island. 

One of three birdies from commission, called the yellow mangrove from Galapagos Island. 

starting on a year long owl project..

I think I will stick to this.. It's been really fun working on it weekly. With the limited time juggling and juggling.. Trying to stay positive with help of owl friends... 


Box Art Series

FOR THE LONGEST TIME I have wanted to dive into making box art after seeing a show of Joseph Cornell's Box art work in New York during college days. His biography is very interesting. His house is actually not too far from where I grew up in Flushing Queens during my teenage years. So this was super fun to do!! I reproduced the watercolor owl I did and played with some mixmedia in the back ground. Then placed in shadow box.. I've listed these on my etsy shop! Check it out!